The best thing that you could do for your fur pet aside from giving it the basics of food, shelter and water is to train it. This is the best thing that you could do for your fur friend especially if you have the time to do it. Your dogs would really appreciate you taking an effort and a portion of your time to squeeze in dog training with your pet. Being a dog obedience trainer could be difficult but we are sure you could do the basics. Any fur pet owner would be afraid to do it because they might do something that will affect the mood and the behavior of their lovable pet but actually doing dog training is healthy and good for your fur baby. If you are still having second thoughts of doing dog training on your own with your pet then this is the sign to proceed that you have been waiting for. We, the professionals would always encourage dog owners to start the training on the home of the dog. This is the best place where you could teach your dog to follow commands and do some tricks because this is a very safe haven for your pet dog. They will be more comfortable in your home than any other places in the planet because the environment is the same and the smell is familiar to your dog already.  

Your dog would not need to adjust to a different person or different area if you are going to be the one to train your fur pet. Although you cannot really teach very difficult and advanced commands to your dogs because you do not have the proper training to do it, at least you could teach your pet dog with very basic commands and tricks that it could follow. Most dogs are brilliant when it comes to learning tricks such as the poodle, Labrador, retriever, German shepherd and many more. But, any dog breed would really appreciate if you take a piece of your time to do some basic dog trainings with your furry pet.  

If you want to know the basic commands that you could teach to your fur pet then you should stay until the end of this article to know more. We hope this will help you and your pet in many ways.  


It would be very good if you could teach your pet dog to sit down or settle down so that it would give you better control over your pet. This is very much useful if you want to bring your pet into crowded places such as the park so that you could prevent your pet from attacking people and other dogs as well.  


Teaching your dog to roll over is a very useful trick because it will help you pin down your dog when it becomes aggressive other things, people or other animals. In this way, you divert its mind into another fun activity. 

If you teach these two dog tricks to your pet, you will surely have a better relationship with it.